Powersense D.O.O. was established in 2015 in İstanbul. Since the date it was established, our company has been performing sales activities of Low-Voltage & Automation Products, Lighting Systems, Cables, Cable Trays, Busbar Energy Distribution Systems, Medium-Voltage Products, Generators, UPS & Rectifiers, Weak-Current Products, KNX Systems and HVAC Industrial Fan Systems by direct procurement from world’s highest quality and most costefficient producer companies to fulfil its customers’ needs.

Moreover to sales activities; our company also provides Turn-Key Panel Installation, Turn-Key Contracting Services and Project Planning & Design in areas of Low / Medium-Voltage Systems for Lighting, Wastewater Treatment and Automation Systems, Energy Distribution & Control and Exproof Motor Applications.

Thanks to our employee's great knowledge in industrial automation, Powersense is also active in Field Instrument Selection, PLC, SCADA-HMI and DCS-based Project Design, Process Solution and Machine Automation.


Powersense D.O.O. has been customers’ best partner through their path leading to success. With its partnerships of sector’s highest-quality and most cost-efficient brands & organizations, we provide fast and customer-oriented services. 


Powersense D.O.O.'s greatest goal is to broaden its product & service range and its customer variety, in order to become the leading company in its sector. Our most important priority is to improve the customer satisfaction and the quality of our services by taking on point engineering decisions on time.