Powersense provides Industrial Fan Systems, which has CE, ISO and Test/Performance-Certifications according to European Standards.

Moreover to products; Powersense also offers project engineering and calculations made for the most efficient HVAC and smoke evacuation system against fire.

The types of industrial fan systems for different application requirements are; 

  • Wall-Type Axial Fan
  • Mixed Flow Fan Regular / Rectangular Duct Type Radial Fan with Air Filter
  •  Cell / Roof Type Radial Fan
  • Roof Fans with Horizontal / Vertical Air Outlet
  • Axial Fan with Acoustically-Insulated Box
  • Roof-Mounted / Wall-Mounted Axial Extractor Fan
  • Axial Exproof Fan
  • Axial-Type Smoke Fan
  • Axial Fan With High Pressure
  • Axial / Radial Type Jet Fan